I’m helping organize MobileCampNYC3 this Saturday, November 15th. Like BarcampNYC2, Microsoft is our host this time around. We’ll be in their midtown offices from 9:15am-6:00pm in what will be a fun and packed day.

The theme of the event is ‘best practices & design patterns’. The focus will mainly lie on the design of mobile software. Some interesting sessions have already been revealed:

  • Future of Wireless by Ian Spalter, Creative Director of Mobile/Emerging Platforms at R/GA
  • Location-based mobile social networking + proximity-based marketing by Murat Aktihanoglu
  • Web-based mobile games and social interaction within mobile by Nick Smolney & Karen Schrier.
  • Getting started on iPhone by Nick Clarey.
  • Android development – discussion of development process for VoteReport.
  • Best practices derived from building MobileDead, a multiplayer location based game.

Registration filled up a few weeks ago — I’m afraid I can’t even give you a chance to register now. So…sorry :). Your best bet is to get on the waiting list.

The last two MobileCamps here in NYC had some great sessions about NFC, barcodes and games design. I met and got to hang out with interesting people at the after-party. I’m looking forward to a similar experience this time around.

I just scanned the attendees list and see a lot of familiar names. Team Socialight will see you all there on Saturday!

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