UK Live!

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We could not be more excited. Socialight is location-aware throughout the UK!* Simply text 88811 and we’ll look up where you are and give you the sticky notes around you. You can send a blank text, a search word, or even someone’s Socialight nickname. We’ll find all the relevant notes and send the closest ones back to you. You can also tell us where you are simply and easily by simply texting ‘at’ and the location, e.g. “at covent garden, london”. Best of all, it’s currently free. Check to see if your phone number and country are correct in your account and give 88811 a shot!

* We can look up the location of any Vodafone, Orange, O2 and T-Mobile phone. If you are on Three, Virgin or other network, you can still use the shortcode, but you’ll have to tell us your location manually. (sniff! shout at your network! we’d love it if they opened up…)

While the UK service is live countrywide, we’ve got something special for London… First of all, we’ve loaded nearly every bar, pub, tourist attraction and hotel so you can find the closest ones really easily, just by texting ‘pub’ or ‘bar’ etc. to 88811. But, better than that, we’re delighted to announce something Londoner’s really wanted: a tool to find cool late night happenings in the ancient labyrinth! “Late London” was conceived and written by Socialight users, specifically artists and musicians that spend their lives trawling the bar and club scene. So if you’re at a loose end after the pubs close, scratch London’s underbelly… text LATE to 88811 for a good time…

Not in London? Don’t worry, we’ll be expanding these types of services across the UK and then the US, Europe, and South Africa. In fact, if you have ideas like Late London, or want to work with us on content where you live, give us a shout.

full launch press release here

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  1. Congrats guys! Now where are the socialight-sponsored trips to London to go test the service out?

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